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the problem management
tool for the 21st century

The software your business needs to solve your most pressing sustainability problems.

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Piloted with some incredible people.

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”In Microsoft we are always looking for new ways of creating meaningful impact on society and our surroundings. Problemo with their problem management tools represents a new and innovative way of thinking about connecting real problems with problem solvers. 

We are truly excited about testing this tool internally, giving our people even better tools to make an impact on the world around us.”

Nils Kristian Liveng-Ness, 

Deputy General Manager @ Microsoft

The problem we are solving

Sustainability matters in the battle for top talents

94% of all top leaders struggle to systemize their sustainability

New frameworks such as the EU taxonomy and carbon pricing


the problem management
tool for the 21st century

We connect your problems with brilliant problem solvers.


How it works

Define root problems

Together with researchers, we've developed a method for finding root problems, allowing you to think twice. Why? So you don't end up solving the wrong problem with the wrong resources. Neither you, nor our climate have time for that.

Meet your new problem solver

 Start building interdisciplinary problem solving teams with internal resources, and seek out the remaining competence in our pool of external problem solvers when you have to. Our matchmaking algorithm sends the brightest head your way.

Collaborate to find the most sustainable solution

You've now built an interdisciplinary problem solving team that is ready to collaborate on finding the solution. Vote on ideas, discuss solutions, share reports and use the most efficient tools to arrive to the most sustainable solution. 

Features 1.0

Framework for

defining problems

Matchmaking to attract top competence

Pool of external problem solvers

Collaborative workspace

Green Theme Stationery

Why our customers love it

A tool to engage ambitious
sustainability-focused colleagues

The software managers need to steer their organization into a more sustainable direction.

A deal-maker for buying external competence

Albert Einstein once said: “If I had an hour to solve a problem, I'd spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.”


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